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A warrior mindset is the most important thing a wrestler can possess and it is what separates those that stand at the top of the podium from everyone else. Agoge Intensive Wrestling Camp's training environment will teach you how to develop a Warrior Mindset so that you can control your body's stress response and compete at the highest levels. At Agoge Intensive Wrestling Camp, you will Train like a WARRIOR so you can Battle like a CHAMPION!

What: 10-day, overnight intensive camp with multiple training sessions per day

When: Friday, 6/23/23 to Sunday, 7/2/23

Where: West Nottingham Academy (Colora, MD) 

Who: Male & Female wrestlers | Ages 12 & Up | At least 1 year of experience is HIGHLY recommended

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Need Agoge Intensive Camp Info?

Intensive Camp Info will be available in December 2022.  Please fill in the form below to have the camp info packet sent to you when it's published. 

Thanks for your interest in Agoge Intensive Wrestling Camp. We will send you information as soon as camp details are finalized (Oct-Nov).

We look forward to having your Train like a WARRIOR so you can Battle like a CHAMPION!